Optimizing operations: Beyond business and IT

In a constantly evolving threatscape, the best defense starts with integrated security.

When it comes to operations, the bottom line matters. Improving efficiency. Reducing waste. Keeping costs down. It all adds up.

What if you could get real-time insight into how your facilities are
running—so you could make decisions that improve uptime for your networks, enable faster deployment for devices and applications, and increase savings of time and space?

On the road to a better bottom line, IT should serve as a facilitator, not a bottleneck. Let us show you the way.

Always stay connected

Halton Healthcare

Halton Healthcare is a multifacility community healthcare organization that continually explores new technologies to better serve its patients.


  • A need to standardize operations into an IP based platform

  • Ability to scale up technology over time as the hospital system expanded

  • Intelligent, secure, and manageable system

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Baylor Scott & White Health


  • Real-time communications across two large healthcare facilities

  • Reliable foundation for patient and caregiver services that’s always on and always available

  • Security to maintain compliance and minimize risk

  • Intelligent, responsive monitoring to maintain consistent standards and superior patient experience

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Provide innovative care

Meander Medical Center

Voted the best hospital in the Netherlands, Meander Medisch Centrum (Meander Medical Center) is committed to providing the best possible patient care and expanding areas of treatment in which expertise is in high demand, such as oncology.


  • Be ready to support any new technology that can transform patient-care delivery and help save lives

  • Respond faster to business and application needs

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Meander Medical Center




  • Fast availability of new and expanded services

  • Flexibility, performance, and scalability to support business agility

  • Reduced IT management time by up to 75 percent

  • Improved data-management efficiency

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Manage branches, far and wide

Talbert House

Talbert House, a community-wide nonprofit, works to help children, adults, and families across southwest Ohio overcome adversity, improve social behavior, and enhance personal recovery and growth.


  • Enable reliable, easy-to-manage network for expanding an organization.

  • Secure VPN access for remote locations.

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Talbert House


  • Reduced time for adding new devices

  • Centralized, remote management of branches

  • Reliable network connectivity

We are continually refining our systems to enable better care, improved patient safety at a reduced cost. With Cisco, we can continually grow into our solution, and have the capacity to support future workflows, improve integration and automation, and support an always-on environment.”

Sandy Saggar

Chief Information Officer,
Halton Healthcare

It’s our job to give [healthcare professionals] the most current technology to allow them to be the most effective, and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

Frank de Reij

Meander Medisch Centrum

Managing the network took up a lot of valuable time. We would have to drive out to a location, connect to the device in question, make the change, and then drive back.”

Brad Gray

Network Administrator
Talbert House

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