CIO and intent-based networking

Growing digital demands—and even less time

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CIO and intent-based networking

Unique benefits by role

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Simplifying complexity across the organization

Depending on your role in the organization, different things keep you up at night-from cybersecurity threats and cloud complexity to speeding service delivery and simply getting ahead.

Get more from your digital business.

No matter your unique role in the organization, a responsive, intelligent, end-to-end network architecture can have far-reaching effects across your organization. Most importantly, it can help you realize the potential of your digital business initiatives—from automation and security to agility and scalability.

When it comes to managing IT complexity, intent-based networking delivers a proven cost savings of 20 to 30 percent.²

When it comes to managing IT complexity, intent-based networking delivers a proven cost savings of 20 to 30 percent.²

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Vice President of Applications
Vice President of Applications
Vice President of Infrastructure
Vice President of Infrastructure
Vice President of IT Operations
Vice President of IT Operations

Chief Information Officer

Recently, fewer than 40 percent of CIOs reported that they were the leaders of digital transformation in their enterprise. To succeed, CIOs must embrace next-generation technologies—and the disruption that comes with them—to gain competitive advantage. Find out how intent-based networking can help.
Accelerate IT to support business innovation.
Capture and translate explicit or inferred business intent into alignment with infrastructure, and scale quickly and easily to accommodate any range or number of devices for IoT. You can also constantly monitor and respond to risks resulting from new digital initiatives.
Improve talent acquisition and skillset.
Build a more strategic approach to supporting the business by freeing up resources to focus on digital initiatives and other IT innovations and attracting and retaining critical staff with cutting-edge projects that deliver true business value.
Protect company data and improve compliance.
Automatically translate and enforce security policy compliance, and extend the full lifecycle of security capabilities from devices to cloud. Constantly scan the network to identify malware—even in encrypted streams—and mitigate risk to lower the potential damage from a successful breach.
Improve the experience for customers and employees.
Increase overall satisfaction across your business to drive retention rates, and improve work-life balance for IT through automation that leads to happier employees. You can also continuously track and adapt to ensure that service levels are optimized.
Increase efficiency for IT and business operations.
Enable new operational models, such as IoT, mobility, and cloud, and automate routine IT to improve resource utilization, optimize operations, and improve performance. You can also gain carrier and cloud independence for the best options in capabilities and cost.

Chief Information Security Officer

Today’s CISO must find new ways to protect sensitive business data within an increasingly sophisticated and growing threat landscape—all while trying to push forth new digital initiatives. The power of a self-protecting enterprise networks platform is needed to deliver comprehensive, integrated security that reduces risk and simplifies compliance.
Average annualized cost of cybersecurity (USD) $11.7M. ⁴
Ponemon, 2017 Cost of Cybercrime Study
Define and implement security policies.
Support business-level security policies across your infrastructure with intent-based networking that allows for the consistent translation and continuous, automated enforcement of all policies.
Remove obstacles to digital initiatives.
Increase your security posture while you eliminate obstacles to innovation. Intent-based networking minimizes the attack surface for new business environments, such as IoT, mobility, and cloud. It also provides segmentation, visibility, and insight—even in encrypted traffic
Increase breach protection.
Safeguard your brand and then some. Reduce your company’s vulnerability to security breaches and increase data protection with the end-to-end security powered by intent-based networking.

Vice President of Applications

Today’s vice president of applications is struggling to speed service delivery while ensuring compliance amid growing complexities and changing requirements. Intent-based networking delivers the level of automation needed to increase overall efficiencies, with the complete visibility to simplify reporting.
Speed service delivery.
Deploy a flexible infrastructure that allows you to create new application development and test environments even faster. The result? Faster application delivery.
Improve the user experience.
Get the experience you want with greater control. With the ability to capture application service requirements and translate them into infrastructure or service capabilities, intent-based networks continually adapt to meet service levels.
Increase reliability with better visibility.
What if you could predict problems before they occur? Intent-based networking delivers a new level of visibility to track trends, identify bottlenecks, or spot potential performance impact points before they impact application service levels.

Vice President of Infrastructure

Today’s vice president of infrastructure must balance the need to scale and adapt to new business processes with the risks introduced by deploying new technologies. Intent-based networking offers the flexibility and speed required to support added users, devices, applications, and services in a controlled and phased approach that minimizes risk.
Transform the infrastructure lifecycle model.
Transition seamlessly from a hardware-based model to a software-based subscription model. Quickly take advantage of new capabilities and efficiencies made possible through controller-based, programmable networks and virtualization.
Gain the agility to meet new business needs.
Software-defined infrastructure is key to meeting the demands of digital business. With an integrated, software-defined infrastructure in place, you can respond quickly to new business requirements with true visibility across all infrastructure domains.
Increase scalability to support more devices, users, and applications.
Growing business demands are inherently difficult to plan for and manage. Reduce complexity with the ability to more easily manage performance and scalability improvements across your business.

Vice President of IT Operations

Today’s vice president of IT operations must keep it all running as fast as possible, with a close eye on compliance and budget. Intent-based networking delivers the automation needed to ease the burden on IT resources—without compromising security or performance. These efficiencies drive reliability up, with the added benefit of reducing costs.
Simplify operational compliance.
More easily meet strict regulatory and operational compliance requirements with support for simplified reporting, image management, and automatic patching.
Reduce OpEx costs for infrastructure management.
Take advantage of automation capabilities for many manual or menial operations. Create a more reliable and efficient environment that in turn reduces the burden on your employees while improving the services they deliver.
Reduce the demand on your help desk.
Use intent-based networking assurance capabilities to track trends and predict and remedy performance degradation before it happens. Help reduce the demands on your support desk. The bottom line? A better experience for users and less strain on IT.