The secret behind teamwork that works

A connected workplace leads to efficiency, growth, and innovation. See how better collaboration helps you reach your goals and build a fun and successful workplace.


Fast, agile, smart teams. Everywhere.

Your teams are on the go, spread out across the globe. From planes to trains to coffee shops, they need to connect seamlessly and easily.

  • Single-click joining means every meeting starts when it’s supposed to: on time.
  • HD video conferencing makes remote workers feel like they’re there in person.
  • Real-time whiteboarding enables inclusive brainstorming, better ideas, and faster decision making.
  • When you need to pivot—and fast—everyone’s on the same page.
  • Automatic background noise detection and tracking help reduce distractions.


Culture that attracts and retains top talent

Happiness happens when people are connected at work and still connected to life.

  • Each employee can work when and how they want, supported on a single collaboration platform. It’s work-life balance.
  • Real connections build morale, especially when enabled by meeting technology that provides in-person experiences and intuitive processes.
  • Breaking down information silos make it easy for people to share new ideas and legacy knowledge.
  • Meaningful teamwork helps employees make connections, feel valued, and deliver their best work.


Reduced operational costs, every day

Most meetings can take 15 minutes to get started. Let’s change that.

  • Efficiency comes when everyone has the same seamless experience from one collaboration platform. Teams connect quickly and safely whether they’re in-office or out.
  • Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Slack, and Apple devices? No problem, this tech integrates with them.
  • Increased efficiency and employee productivity reduces time to market and encourages innovation.


Innovation made easy

Sketching at the breakfast table or waking up with a brainstorm in the middle of the night: Ideas happen anytime. Support them.

  • Sharing ideas is just a click away at any time, on any device, for workers in any location.
  • Fresh ideas and new innovations all happen faster when people can easily communicate across all departments.
  • Security? That’s built in. No compromises—just collaboration.

With Cisco Webex Meetings, team members feel like they’re all in the same room, even when they’re oceans apart. And with Cisco Webex Teams, they can keep work moving forward before, during, and after meetings by connecting, sharing, and brainstorming anytime, from anywhere.

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